Another day another dollar. Well thats the saying anyway.

Today was an ok day at work. Little busy, but made the day fly, which is always nice. Had the same customer come in 3 times, which was kinda funny. I like having a joke with the customers.. well depending on what the customers like. You really have to get the right ones to be able to joke with them. I'm pretty good at picking them out. I asked a customer today if they'd like a plastic bag for their 2 items. She answered yes please. I said "oh thats fine, here you go.. and by the way you just killed a turtle" With a big smile on my face! she cracked up and we both started laughing. Shes like "gee thanks for the guilt trip" with a smile on her face. I'm like "no problem! " big smile. I Then asked her if she'd like a reciept. To which she said No. I said "well you just saved a tree, so that makes up for the turtle" and we both laughed. I like customers like THAT one. My knee did hurt a bit at work today. I think the weather is messing it up. I got the numb tingling in my thigh which annoys the heck out of me too. its like pins and needles, but more intense, and deep in the muscle. It must be nerve issues. Speaking of nerves, i got a twinge in my neck today too! and my back was a bit iffy. Felt a bit like when I did it back last year in England. But WAY not as bad.

While i was at work, one of my boys colleagues were there. Trying to sign people up for the red cross. I tell you there were PATHETIC at trying to sign people up! they weren't even trying. Just sitting there, waiting for people to come up. It doesn't work like that. I spoke to M about it, and we both had a laugh. Idiots. Oh well its thier commission they are loosing out on!

Spoke to M about the sexual harrassment case. He had a meeting with HR today about it. Apparently they are going to investigate it. I can't belive the word of some racist bitch are going to over ride the word of a good man. Some people really amaze me. How horrible can you be??? Poor M was saying how he's finding it very hard to trust aussie woman (appart from me of course) because they are so racist. It's really sad that someone says that about my country. But i'm not surprised. Australia can be quite racist.

I've had some wierd feelings today. I can feel my mood changing, and i've actually realised something. I get PMS. But not your normal *bit testy* type PMS, but *i want to die, i feel so sad, i want to cut, i hate my life, why live?* type PMS. I was thinking about it today, and all the times my mood drops severely, its been a few days before *IT* comes. I've never heard of anyone having PMS like this. Can any ladies out there help me with this? Whats something that can help with sever PMS like this??? I do have PCOS, so i don't know if that has something to do with it either. Any advice would be great.


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