Hello everyone my name is Diane and I was diagnosis with health anxiety , panic disorder , and agoraphobia wow thats a lot of mis firing in my brain lol ! I make a lot of jokes about this problem now cause really it hides all the pain from my long journey. I have been dealing withall this on and off for about 7 years right after I had my son . For about 2 years I basically lived every moment in my life in the hospital freaking out about what these doctors were missing, I finally got over the hospital scene thank god , but deep inside I still think they are missing something !! but anyways when I first had anxiety I had lost so much weight from being so anxious I couldnt eat anything, now it seems like it did the opposite I put on a whole bunch of weight and I freaking hate it I have been out of work for a year now I was supposed to be finishing up hair school but that didnt work out for me either cause the attacks were just so unbearable, it just so hard to go through this all alone Im in a horrible relationship with my sons father I have been living with him for about 5 years and I cant escape from him cause Im so dependant on him as of now"so people be happy and thankful if your going through this with people that actually want to help and understand you and can support you and comfort you" Cause its trully the opposite for me I basically have no one there for me but my loving kids so everyday is trully a blessing for me to just get out of bed !! well enough of me getting high on my depressing story I just want to meet new people that are dealing with this horrible illness and maybe just make some new friends feel free to message me or what ever Im open for anything!!!

  1. baby2ggirl 10 years ago

    I know how u feel I have health anxiety and panic attacks too it sucks I have had anxiety and panic sine I was like 7 yrs old don\'t know why that young but ya it gotten worse the past 4years been through a lot .that sad that u couldn\'t make it thro hair school. I too went to hair school and I actully made it thro I had a very uunderstanding teacher tho. Still I had to go back and make up like 3 months of time I missed but I did it. Hope u can someday go back.abd u know it funny but a lot of hair stylist have anxiety prob ud be amazed how many of them do.it kinda weird .anyways I hope the best for you:-)

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  2. mschinky27 10 years ago

    Thank you guys so much for the supportive feed back !! I really appreciate it!! I really hope that I go back to school tooo I miss it so much lol ,but Im really happy that there is actually people out there like me, well hope you guys have a good day ,o yeah anytime you guys would love to chat Im up for it 🙂

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