I have been suffering with anxiety for the last 4 years and i used to think that i was the only person in the world to be suffering with the mental illness,it wasn't until my mum and dad found out that this was what i am suffering from that my dad told me he had suffered with anxiety at some point in his life. I then realised that i am not the only person in the world who is going through that tough issue in their life,my sistyer in law has also been through it in her life and alaso i have recently found out one of my cousin's and one of my auntie's has also had anxiety at some point in thier life.

I have had a few different tablets over the last 4 years and also tried hypnotherapy twice and conciling which have only worked for me in the short term,I have found it hard to gon out to places that i have been to before for fear of losing control of my anxiety and also sometimes when i have been out places where i have had panic attacks i feel like everyone is looking at me and saying to themselfs or even thinking that i am nuts or couckoo. But that is probably just me imagining it,for me it is also horrible and upsetting because i have a child who i should be taking for days out at the weekend or in the school holidays,that then makes me feel even worse and makes me feel like i am a bad parent. the moods that come with being frustrated with this mental illness are also not nice as it makes me shout at my son more when there is no need. Next time i see or talk to the doctor i am going to get him to make an appointment for me to see a psychiatrist as my sister in law said it really helped her a lot to overcome this problem

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  1. gemini 7 years ago

    You are definitely not alone. I can totally relate to what you are going through. There are so many days I feel like a bad parent because of anxiety. And the frustration of not being able to “fix” our anxiety problem only makes it worse.

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