My mom got mad at me for “breaking” her vacuum. I didn’t and she used it the next day. But after she got mad at some point she got on the phone with my grandpa and started raging about me. I sat there crying for an hour. She left the house with all the kids because “she had to get away from that bitch hoe”.  I fell asleep after taking my meds (I need them to sleep) and at 12 am she come into my room. She tears it apart looking for a piece of paper (not even saying what the paper was). She tore my dresser apart. Swiped everything off the dresser. Took everything one by one out of my bin and shit. Then she leaves, without a piece of paper, and I have to clean in up. I went back to sleep (after making my bed and putting it back together.) I wake up the next day. I clean it up. It takes 5 fucking hours.


I love my mom.


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