Last night I wrote a long as blog about how I was feeling and other things and it didn’t post cause at that time all the new changes happened to this website. I love the new site and how much easier it is to navigat through everything but I did get really upset cause Iost my whole rant….. sigh…Oh well.

Well obviously tonight was Halloween and I had to take my kids out for it as well as come back to give out candy. I enjoy the holidays for the most part but hate the stress of it all. I have not been sleeping well these past few nights and I was wiped out today. I did take a nap for a few minutes today but my lil one got sent home early from school cause he felt sick. I didn’t think he was sick but when they told me he didn’t want to eat his lunck whick had a choice of spagetti and pizza I knew something was wrong. Well i brought him home and he complained he was sick and his stomach hurt and a fter a few hours he went to the bathroom and when he was done he vomited. I thought Halloween was cancelled for sure. Well he began to feel better after that so we went out and actually had a good time. We entered him into a costume contest and he won a prize. He didn’t rank in the top 3 which everyone thought he shoulkd have won 1st (lol not saying that just cause he’s my kid) but the judges were old ladies who didn’t even know who he was. My husband and him dressed up a popular video game charachters. Coustumes I made. I’m not craft but they actually came out good. Anyways, he won a gift card and then at some games they had there, he spun a wheel and won another prize that was given to my eldest cause my lil one couldn’t use it. It was a pretty good night. A few snags through the night but otherwise alright. I’m glad it’s over and now I have to prepare for the upcoming one. Oye Vey! Oh well at least I love cooking turkey for us. MMMMMMMM tuuurkey!  I love stuffing and all the good fixings. My mouth is watering just thinking about it. Well, last night was a bad night and today was a good day so hopefully the weekend I can get some rest and make it an awesome one.

Well I am done rambling. I really need to go to bed I am feeling like a zombie. Well good night all and I hope eveyone had a safe and Happy Halloween.


P.S. Sorry for rambling I just had to get that out of my head. I’ve been ovewhelmed.


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