Got a good bit accomplished today. Mom and I tackled my income tax and I got both state and federal sent off today so that's done. We decided to go out to dinner at a nice seafood restaurant called Felix's Fish Camp. It's practically the 2nd-to-most-expensive restaurant in Mobile, the first being Ruth's Chris Steakhouse…which is owned by the same company.

Anyway, we had to wait for an hour for the food, and then we got put into a room with not one, but two birthday parties + loud obnoxious kids. So that was the downside that it was extremely noisy the entire time. But we had a candle on our table that gave it a nice feel, and we could see the lights of our city across the bay and that was really beautiful, so it wasn't a total loss. The restaurant sits right on the water.

I was really brave today and tried turtle soup, which was surprisingly good. It tasted a lot like spicy gumbo but with little bits of meat in it much like soft beef jerky, if that makes sense. You can tell I'm very adventurous, and love to give things a try that most people wouldn't. I guess that's something I can be proud of myself for. For example, I really enjoy eating roe (fish eggs) on sushi, and would have never thought I would have liked it if i didn't try it. As Andrew Zimmern from the TV show Bizzare Foods would say, "If it looks good, eat it!"

Anyway, I'm really well rested tonight, though I've still been having a lot of dreams in my nights, the ones where I know I was dreaming when I wake up but can't remember them. They're not nightmares, just really bizzare dreams or dreams that seem to be about my everyday life. I learned that dreaming like that can really cause you to be fatigued in the morning, and I wish there was something I can do to make them not so frequent, but from what it seems there is no cure. The only part I remember from last night was sitting up and seeing that something in my room had fallen over and made a mess, but not wanting to deal with it until the morning (which nothing really fell over when I woke up). I also tend to have night terrors, where I open my eyes but am still kind of dreaming. I usually mess with things nearby, for example I sleep with plush animals and often I think they've come alive. Or I think something else is out of place and move it somewhere or throw it off the bed. It's difficult to explain because I don't understand what is going on at the time so I forget the details although I know it's happening.

So anyway, one weekend day done. Not sure what all will happen tomorrow, but hopefully it'll be another decent day.

Something off-topic, but I was really impressed with Mom today. She watched some show on AMC a while back called "The Walking Dead" and today she decided to watch the remake of "Dawn of the Dead". Mom usually doesn't like gory or graphic movies, but she's actually really enjoying zombie apocalypse movies. I'm really surprised. She said she wants to be a zombie for Halloween this year too 😉


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