For more than 20 years of panic attacks and depression, I noticed one thing !!

I always had this thought of me going to pass out or something going to happen to me, yet it NEVER happened not even once ,, can u believe it !!


Professional people say or they call it Safe guard, I’m talking about those things that keep me awake at night, prevent me from doing things as most people do without any problems or hesitation,

they say worry is a normal thing,, its a built-in function in human departments ,, in my worry department things had crossed over the fence, and start to act a little bit off the norm ,, it does make me think how and why other people are so fine and they don’t have problems like panicking and depression like me, or they might having them but kept under control,

is that make any sense ? or is it just me !!

its just a thought ,, I just want to share something with you guys like hey hello I’m here and Im part of this or I want to be part of this, something like that.

at this age 41 , I have no wife no friends no job, I haven’t gone out of my house for about 5 YEARS , and now I’m up in the middle of the night as always , me and my computer , my window to the world, for the most part I’m still thankful for what I have what I’ve got ,, I don’t know Im just going to call it a simple life , nothing more

I survived this drama twice along with my 20+ years in this anxiety panic depression thing and deep down in my heart and in my mind I know that I can and will survive this one as well, it feels like Ive lost my way but Im not giving up Im going to find my way again and continue my journey in life , my life .

thanx for reading .

  1. cheesygirch 5 years ago

    hey Dojan,
    very interesting about the safe guard thing, i feel like I’ve experienced that a few times. I’m really sorry about your circumstances. have you tried taking baby steps to leaving your house. like maybe just opening the door and stepping outside and then progressively do more.
    also, i know you will survive this. you will. i have complete faith that you will find your way again. this too shall pass. brighter days are coming. thats what i have to tell myself and somedays i don’t believe it but i will tell myself until i do.
    i hope this helps, I’m here to chat if you’d like.

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  2. Author
    dojan 5 years ago

    hey Cheesygirch ,

    thankx for your wonderfull words, turst me it does help alot, I really needed that,
    I need to have friends again, I know it will help,
    did u got that phase (I want to be alone cuz nobody can understand me) well , I did too much of that and now I need to go back to normal life,

    about the house thing ,, when I said I can’t go out! , I do go out around the block, like I go in a circle, and beyond that point the traffic will take over which I did that sometimes I feel that I can do this and then I feel Im stuck in traffic, not a good feelings, every time I do that I find my self not leaving my house for awhile cuz of the bad experience, its a back and forth I know one day (soon) I will get it right.

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