It seems to me that there are a number ofthings in this world that just seem to be coneccted and cannot be broken. Along with mental illness and substabce abuse there aslo appars to be the plague of poverty attached. I am doing well for the moment because I am keeping full time employment. However, I know there are many that may read this blog and not even have a job nor can they maintain a job. How do you perform a task at your desk, office, cubical and so on when just getting out of bed was a challenge?

I just finished speaking with my son who is struggling in his finances. He, obviously has a history of emotional disorder in his genes and his wife is clinically depressed. I'm not sure why it is that God allows so many to suffer so much in this life. I do know that the helplessness I feel in the moment in my inability to be of much help to others depresses me more. My conviction is that somehow our trials in life make us more compassionate and ready to enourage and aid those that are suffering. I find here at DT in speaking to others with depression or bipolar disorder that you know first hand what I go through and therefore you are all quick to encourage and support me and each other through the difficult times. I mean, that's why this site was developed.

I guess instead of depression and woe I will look at suffering different today. Today I will see the silver lining and know that even suffering has a good reason. Please, not to minimize anyone's suffering. May it never be! But just for today, in the middle of struggle, I wil let Excelsior live in my back yard. Hoping you have a good day today.


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