Just wanted to share this with you.


a brother in Recovery,



A- stands for addict, WE all must admit
B- is for BASIC, the TEXT how to quit
C- stands for come, coming to believe
D- is the desire, each member should achieve
E- stands for encouragement, show the newcomer you care
F- is for feelings, that lose power as you share
G- stands for God, who's loving as can be
H- is for home group, a place meant for thee
I- is the info, the "How And Why" brings your way
J- is your journal and "Just For Today"
K- stands for kindness, let it abound
L- is for love, spread some around
M- is for meetings, do ninety in a row
N- is the newcomer, and just saying no
O- is the obsession, the Steps take from you
P- is for phone numbers, be sure to grab a few
Q- is for quiet times, prayer and meditation are good
R- is relapse prevention, make a plan like you should
S- is for sponsor, dedicated and caring
T- is the Twelve steps, your life they'll be sparing
U- stands for unity, passing around greetings
V- is your voice, at area meetings
W- stands for WE, WE must never part
X- is for x-ray, examine your heart
Y- is your program, so fight the good fight
Z- stands for Zee's, giving thanks late at night
Do the A, B, C's of the program, as you go through each letter
And I guarantee ya, you'll ALL FEEL BETTER…

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