Ok it's day 7 of my flare now and it's made it's way double time into my neck and back.  It's hard enough I can't hardly walk or let anyone touch me even for a hug because it hurts…can't go outside because the cold makes it worse, the wind blowing hurts.  It actually feels like someone has peeled my skin off me and all the nerve endings are going nuts.  like when you have a bad scrape and your clothes rub up against it, times that times 10.  I can't remember anything from one minute to the next….all the symptoms of fibromyalgia and there are a ton of them, are out of proportion.  This will be one more day inside and away from the world feeling sorry for myself because there is nothing I can do to make it better I just have to wait it out, being bored watching tv or a movie if I can pay attention long enough to watch or sit still long enough….I'm sorry if I sound like I'm feeling sorry for myself but I AM.  Feels like I'm typing with broken fingers so now I'm down to typing with just one.  I have to watch my grandson tonight while my daughter works how am I going to play with him, what are we going to do to occupy his time, how am I going to cook dinner and then bathe him and put him to bed?  He's 3yrs old but a lot of that he can  help me with I just hate that I can't do it all just for him.  He knows grandma hurts but that's all he knows, wanted to see my boo boo but I don't have one except my whole body but he can't understand that.  Ok no more rambling I can't type anymore.  I'm glad I got it out though.


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