To whom it may concern:

All these events occurred in the state of Arkansas and their legislative bodies.

Hi my name is Wendy. I will keep my last name private for the sake of my children’s safety and happiness.

Although I came from a broken home, I wish to state that my mother and father are very dear to me and I love them both very much.

However I have not made the best choices in my life.

My first one came in the form a man from Belgium named Frank who showered me with love and promises and then started to abuse me and my children, whom unjustifiably the courts have allowed him to keep in his custody, even in the face of glaring physical, emotional and sexual abuse for which the courts chose to ignore his sworn statements of guilt and ongoing police and DHS involvement.

I am still at battle with this one.

My intent in writing this letter is to expose the more evil of the two men I allowed in my life. The one that threatened to bankrupt me and my mother, assaulted me and my children and took every cent that I held and forced me under fear of threat and reprisal of financial ruin to me, my mother as well as the continued physical threats of harm and death, to sign an inequitable divorce agreement, removing him from all the creditors and mortgage. Something that his own stupidity and psychotic rage failed to calculate that by forcing me into bankruptcy to the tune of $300,000 American, among all the other evils perpetrated on me and my family that breakdown would eventually occur.

Well it did and I lost five jobs over 3 years as a CPA and have fled the country for the help and the safety from the threats of these two men.

The man I am referring to is Stuart Christopher Howell, born August 24 1963. I am assuming he lives in Brisbane, Australia, in the state of Queensland, as that is the last place he served me from.

Let me tell you why. As if it isn’t enough that he did all this to me and my life, he is trying to have me jailed for contempt in not having the house put in my name so that he could try to escape any and all involvement in this issue of bankruptcy.

When I met this man, I saw my children regularly and had $60,000 dollars in cash value. Only $18,000 remains in a pension I will not see for at least another 25 years.  I am now penniless.

A broken woman, with nothing left, barely hanging onto my sanity, not seeing my children because of the first abusive male.

I had anticipated suicide in February, but thanks to a genuine Christian man, I have been slowly nurtured and continued to be. I still spend much time in tears and depression. I suffer short term memory loss and minor health and heart problems.

My intent on writing this letter is twofold.

Maybe someone will listen and help. It is ridiculous that someone who is not even a citizen of another’s country can come in and destroy the life of another who is.

Finally that no other woman become an unwitting victim of the lies of someone so evil again.

I have hand written promises from Stuart guarantying his help with my children. I have police reports establishing their involvement with him. In fact he is still wanted for questioning by police and DHS services in my country. He made sure he fled the country to avoid all legalities back to Australia. He even meticulously hand calculated how much he could bankrupt me for on crib notes. I also have eyewitnesses who will sign sworn testimony.

Stuart, especially you, I am no longer afraid.

Frank I will be coming for my children one day.




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