The list below I copied off the Therapy Topics at the bottom of the page. I copied this because I’m sorry to say this explains me to the fullest!! Battles like this affect me every single day all day long. This is where addiction to alcohol comes in to help medicate my mind and slow me down and makes me feel alive. But know alcohol is so deceiving and overpowering that will take control of my mind and body. This morning and every morning all this comes back each day. I try to make myself get up and go for a walk, to the hobbies I enjoy, etc. but many times all fails.

I’ve been to AA, NA, Celebrate Recovery looking for help, understanding. But I live a sheltered life because I don\\\’t want anyone to know the real me. What I really think or do. I have had sponsors and accountability partners but I don’t consult in them or be honest in all regards, all is wasted.

  1. A history of difficulty at school, problems at work, or failed relationships
  2. Problems with organization, sticking to a job, or keeping appointments
  3. Difficulty with daily tasks such as getting out of bed, leaving for work and arriving on time
  4. Suffers from excessive procrastination and difficulties being productive on the job
  5. Restlessness and failed attempts to do several things at once
  6. A need for “quick fixes” rather than taking the steps needed to achieve greater rewards
  7. Difficulty focusing on driving and a history of traffic accidents
  8. Frequent mood swings or a hot temper
  9. Trouble coping with stress

Why am I posting this? For support from others that might struggle with adult ADHD! To know that I’m not alone with this problem or I think of it as a disease. Ideas of what others have done to help move through and out of this fog.


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