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HelIlo everyone, I just wanted to reach out again after 3 years of this life changing experience. I am married to but comtemplating seriously divorcing my husband. I found out he was HIV positive about 3 years ago. I have tested several time and never tested positive. We did separate after a year of a inhouse separation. He actually suffers from dementia due to HIV. I have been able to remain friends with him, but am ready to move forward with my divorce. Of course he cheated, when? Who knows. I am not a horrible person, but, I am a human being and I can forgive him but I don't love him anymore and I am more concerned for him that anything. This is his secret that he chooses to keep. Because of his dementia, he really needs help and I want to reach out to his daughter because I know she loves him and will help him. His General Practioner, who is also my doctor says that his memory is really getting worse and this has been a problem for him. He can't remember his appointments and has problems with taking his medicines. I really don't want to see anything happen to him, but, I really need to tell his family so they can be there for him. What should I do? He is still working but him living alone might not be a good idea. I let him more back in, downstairs but, I really am not happy with him here. I am better without him being here. I want to and am willing to help him but not to be his primary caregiver. I just want to know what options should I seek and still be respectful of him as a person. He is more that just HIV positive. He is a father, brother, friend, employee and basically a good person. Help

  1. ms83poz 6 years ago

    What part of Maryland? Your dilema is a chosen one, he is lucky to have you. I've helped a few from your way. Friend me & give me a general area. If his issue is as serious as your describing, they are probably already discussing it. If not, something could happen w/ memory lapse & daily tasks. Is he driving? Care givers are probably an option since daily meds are compromised. Where is his care? I know coverage in Baltimore & Fredricksburgh

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  2. dina 6 years ago

    columbia Chase Brexton they have 4 sites google them. They have case management

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