Well, yes, I think I drink too much.

I think the reason is the feeling I get when I go out – relaxed, talking to friends or maybe just reading the paper, or a book. At home I get bored, and find no point in life. Not that alcohol is a point in itself (or, so I hope) – I never drink at home – but I long for the chilled out feeling of just sitting with people, talking about this and that and escaping from my mind for a while. I guess getting tipsy helps as well… I never drink anything but beer, I shy away from spirits of all kinds as well as wine, but still… 

It seems all my social life is centered around alcohol, the people I know and love where I live all go to the pub a bit too often, and we often spend more money than we really should. We also lend eachother money to go get a few beers and a packet of smokes, so you could say that we are supporting eachother’s bad habits… 

I know I should take better care of myself, getting some friends outside of this environment, but somehow it feels safer to be with people who understand and support me, whatever I do. If I get drunk and fall over, we just laugh about it next time we meet, and say things like "Well, yesterday it was your turn, we all get there at times, it could be my turn today". 

I know that if I get "hooked" on something else, I’ll stay at home. Last winter, I spent lots of time at home, doing some embroideries or other crafts, but I just can’t seem to find the inspiration and concentration for anything these days. 

I don’t know. Maybe this is just a period I’m going through, but how do I know when enough is enough? Even that I think I drink too much should be a warning flag, shouldn’t it? Or am I being hysterical? 

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  1. WadeAlexander72 13 years ago

    I don”t really think there”s anything wrong with going out for the odd drink here and there and enjoying one or two but when it becomes the only thing you do, then it becomes a problem. You”ve got to do more than just that.

    I used to do it a lot myself – drink to "escape" myself or take the edge off but it really doesn”t do much. Yeah it”s nice to have that little reprieve from ourselves, but overall it really won”t cure anything.

    I will warn you though: avoid the "big" drinks with a passion. Especially if you”re in any way really depressed. The hard stuff will turn you into a basketcase and god only knows what you”ll end up doing – crying all night, etc. I learned that one the hard way. 🙁

    Beer won”t do it to me, but hard stuff will if I drink too much of it. You”re wise to avoid it.

    As long as you”re not going out drinking every night it”s not too bad, but once in a while you should all go out and do something else for  change….or if you have one beer or something that”s not too bad.

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