hello 🙂

I like this site- it's funny how I found it- it was a random ad on the side on a random page I was at, lol.

Well. it's nice to see people replying to my blog with the poem and people welcoming me, it's great 🙂

thought I'd introduce myself a bit:

basics: hm I'm 19
go to university for psychology
an atheist
extremely liberal
and weird 🙂

I like reading, love music, it can save you from anything
especially muse, as you figured I'm quite obsessed with them lol
hm some other artists… radiohead… billy talent.. jack off jill.. scarling… the killers… bloc party… belle and Sebastian.. random indie music…
and I used to be a big metalhead in high school days ^^ hehe
Love existentialism (most beautiful branch of philosophy ^^)

I've been living with depression for 3 years by now.
too bad I didn't have this for me when it all started…
well first two years were extremely horrible, especially the first year
thankfully, it became much better this past year, I'd say it's light to mild depression- I am quite happy with my life (probably thanks to leaving that dreadful high school where they all treated me like I'm a monster of some sort and going to my beautiful university ^^). But sometimes, the negativity can come back big time. I used to be a cutter during those first two years, was quite hard to stop but I did. it's strange, this issue of addictions isn't it. you can stop and know that you never going to do it again and all but sometimes you would still think about and picture yourself doing it knowing you won't… well it happens to me. with every addiction- that, and cigarettes and drugs… I do none anymore (I have the occasional cigarette but that's it). anyways.
My mom found out I have suicidal thoughts and took me to a psychiatrist – it was my first and last time, she said she thinks I'm bipolar… but I didn't want to come back, she was really mean. and full of herself.

was kinda meh-ish about uploading a picture of me (cus maybe someone I know is on this site but I did anyways)

Going through an extremely stressful time right now. I have so many exams, and a big 20 page research essay to finish tonight (it's already past 1 am and i am so tired and have to go to work tomorrow ahhhhh:( kill me !!!)

soooo I promise to come back and reply to you all and write more and make my profile more pleasant looking when this hell is done kay 🙂 ?

(L) have a good remaining of the weekend everyone, you're all beautiful.

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  1. hayden_g 15 years ago

    one of my best friends is on this site, he posted my phone # on peoples pages so now i get bugged by unknown strangers from this site

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