Well here I go again taking care of someones needs above my own ! My mom is having a port removed and one put back in and she says she can't do this without a family member with her, but if I were still in NC., or somewhere else they'd still do it, I mean what about the 1000's of ppl who have surgery everyday and have no family ? Everything with her is such a bunch of drama, she's so selfish and always has been, the reason I'm saying this is because she doesn't ask you how you feel about something, wheither or not you want, or feel up to going, instead she tells you they can't do it without a family member there, which I fully intend to ask that tomorrow. She's just like my x, he left with no discussion, just did what he wanted ! I'm tired of this type of ppl being in my life, especially my mom, she's mean, and let me remind you she's proud of it, she's controlling, she's hurtful, rude, inconsiderate, and thinks everyone owes her something ! She's not loving, or caring, let alone nurturing, she's a trouble maker, and a drama queen, it's so unhealthy living with her on all levels, everyday my self worth and self esteem get more and more destroyed. But I am the youngest daughter of the 2 girls and I've always had the burden of being the one, I'm power of attorney for mom, so there it is. Being here with her day after day with no life is so not worth it, there's no escape, no relaxation, no happiness and yes it's hard to live with someone who doesn't respect you as a person and I'm soooo tired of it ! But at least I can be proud of the fact that I'm " the one' lol. You no the thing that gets me the most is I saved my mom's life 11 or 12 yrs. ago, that's another story anyway…. I saved my x-partner's life, took care of these two very special ppl in my life, and they both never thanked me, except both have destroyed me as a person, and taken my life away from me, I just cannot understand what the h*ll is wrong with them !


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