The capitalistic system which we have today, it leaves room for the many battles of winners and failures… and their rewards and losses are magnified to the extremes.

The quote "survival of the fittest" has solidified in this system… and it has created a society where it's best to embrace the ideas and views to adapt into this world… no matter how gritty they may be.

Like it always is.

We take so much emphasis on other forms of attack on universal morals… making things such as the court system and jails… but we are oblivious to the more subtle forms of malice which can be only caught by the keen and the aware.

I don't know… many times the only answer seems to be of adapting and embracing these ideals… of cynicism and of the so called "dog eat dog world".

But from time to time I have to stop myself… cause I can literally feel myself getting further and further into the abyss, getting more dark and cold.

The market system where success and failure is multiplied to the extreme, the "haves" feed off the misfortune of others and the "have not's" waste life away not having the power or even the willpower to do anything.

How pathethic can humans get… it seems there is no definite answer.

But not everything is dark in this world… There have been people who brought with them ideas that made this system better little by little.

A couple of years ago… America's economic system was one of the strongest in the world… I do hope people realises that, that was possible because of the thousands of people who have suffered in order to make this system possible.

By failing and strengthening the winners… those winners became powerful enough to spread worldwide… making it able to strengthen themselves even more with other world's economy.

Now this survival of the fittest has spread to a world wide scale.

Making the less fortunate even less fortunate… they have sucked some lands and their people dry.

But there are things we got right with this system… and that is "freedom" the freedom to pick or choose the job you want… but like I said it also has made room for the more "survival keen" people to take advantage of this system…


I think the best course of action is to go somewhere in the middle… It's good to have freedom… but we still need to watch so that the losers and failures of this market system can have enough to have comfort and to get by having atleast the smallestl amounts of happiness.

We need more love in this world… We can't idly sit by… when every year more and more people suffer and die… while the people that have, feel little to no remorse for all the people who have lost in this rat race…

Yes the world is this way… Yes it is wiser to adapt to it in order to survive… That's why when people have these matter of fact point of views that are pretty pessimistic and gritty, it's inevitable because the world made them into that way…

And all they were trying to do was survive.


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