Well where do I begin ? My dad was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer the week of Christmas and it was a rough Christmas and very emotional as well. In January dad started chemo and radiation and his results were great they shrank all 12 tumors considerably.The Surgeon then spoke with my dad and told him the news that he could be operated on,he even told my dad that if you were my dad that I would have you have the surgery so dad did. He had the surgery on the 14th of May and they got all the cancer out and had to remove the top half of his left lobe of his lung. He was out of icu for 2 days and we thought we was out of the woods but dad was shaving and the machines all of a sudden went off and the nurse ran in his room and told him that she had to lay him down immediately that his heart was racing so they laid him down and later that night they got dad up to take him for a walk and he turned blue. They dicovered he is not getting enough oxygen and the had to put him on a ventilator with the tube down his throat. The had also just found out that the radiation he had,had severly burned up his good lung which is the right lung so they figured that this is the reason his was not obsorbing enough oxygen. They took the tube out to try and wein him off the oxygen to no avail.

Needless to say they found he also has a hole in his heart so they did a trach yesterday and he made it through that very well. Now they are looking into trying to figure out how to repair the hole in his heart so my dad gets oxygen to his lungs.So in order to do that they have to do an endoscopy to look around to see what is what and they have to do the repairing of the hole in his heart without surgery because at this point dad is in critical condition. So now he has a trach and still can breathe on his own. So please say a prayer for my family and I and expecially my dad whom I dearly love.

To top things off,this morning I got a call from my dads wife telling me that last night my cousins 13 year old son was killed.He was hit by a car taking his best friend double.

So please keep me and my family in your prayers at this time of need.

Thank you kindly.


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  1. SadTam 13 years ago

    Thank you so much Gulliver,I just got word from my step mom that they are giving dad a new drug and he is now absorbing 98% oxygen. Please keep him in your prayers.Thank you ever so much.


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