Today was day 1 in my I AM BETTER THAN THIS changes. It went well.

I did sleep in until almost 2pm, which did make me oversleep the time I had set to call the therapist. I did however make the appointment to see the therapist as soon as I woke up. I’m not dissapointed in myself for missing the time I had set up because I did manage to make the appointment anyway. It’s set for Friday at 2pm. I’m going to have to see if I can change my appointment with Matt that was scheduled for 3pm. There is no way I can get there on time. I’m sure he will be ok with it, concidering me seeing the therapist is a part of my probation.

I had a healthy lunch. I went to the supermarket and brought some tortillas and some salad ingredients, like Ham,lettuce, cucumber, tomato and some light cheese. It was very nice. I enjoyed it alot. Good thing too is I have enought ingredients to last through-out the week. I had a nice salad and some of last nights left over roast pork. That too was very nice.

Me, My sister and mum took Jazz for a walk along the beach this afternoon. Jazz doesn’t like playing in the water (which in my opinion is not a bad thing, we don’t have sand and wet dog all over the backseat of the car!) we ended up walking for about an hour. It surprised me how quickly time flew! I enjoyed it alot too. There wasn’t too many people on the beach, so we were able to let Jazz of the lead and let her chase the soccerball that we had brought for her.

The day has left me feeling good. I havn’t had a drink, nor have I felt the need to have one. I have been feeling content most of the day. I might even go as far as saying that I have been feeling happy. wow. Who knew that such things could happen?!


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