Last night was not the first time I tried getting out and finding a place to hangout.

I’m still new to Southern California so I have plenty of areas to visit but every time I do go somewhere it seems like the same problem…

It’s like I’m invisible. I have no clue how to make friends or even just find places to hang out with people who share common interests.

I’ve tried coffee shops and book stores… I was going to go to an indie rock club last week but I couldn’t really find what I was looking for. Instead just a regular old club with a line and bouncer and everything. I’m not the type of person to sit in line to have a bouncer tell me I can’t get in… especially while I’m alone.

I drove the streets of Hollywood and Burbank ’til five in the morning. I stopped for a while at a denny’s to read my latest Chuck Palahniuk book but never once had a conversation with anyone.

I can’t stand putting all this effort into finding good places to chill and always coming up empty handed. How in hell do you find friends in a new state?

My only options left that I can see are to get a job. I’m not going to take any classes since my online classes have started up today so that isn’t an option. I can’t get into any clubs and I’m not sure those are the people I want to meet anyways. No one at book stores seems to want to talk. I can’t find a coffee shop with the right feel where everyone is friendly and looking for conversation and is open late. I can’t find any music venues that play mainstream stuff. I guess at this point I’m just whining. I know I know, it takes time… something will come… I have to have patience. Please understand that this has been a problem since I got here over a month ago. I hate being alone and yet no matter how hard I try that’s all I ever am. I will look for a job this week but then I am practically living my old life but now in California. The stress might get to me again.

I found this site one night after walking the streets of Sun Valley just after I got here. That night was hard for me. I felt extremely lost in the world. I found the DT and that helped me a little bit. But there is only so much online friends can do for you.

I’m feeling lost again and am getting tired of relying on myself for happiness.

I can use my time for school, learning the guitar, reading, writing, exercising, photography, movies & games, golfing, and whatever other hobbies I pick up while here BUT what do I do for the social aspect of my life? I’m an Aquarius… I need friends!


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