Oh, to avoid confusion, I originally posted this on Myspace.

Well, I'm a little embarrassed to just toss my feelings out there for every myspacer to see, but since this is the most inspired I've felt in, well forever… here it goes. I think a lot of people know I have my fair share of troubles. I will choose not to go into them, for fear of persecution. (It's happened before.) Anyway, to put it simply I've been intensely depressed these past few days, dangerously so some might say. I had to do something, before something terrible happened. I have a friend who shares some of my struggles and last night I called him in tears. This has happened before, and he always comforts me. I do the same for him, too. Anyway he agreed to rush right over. Standing at my door, looking at the mess I was, he told me to go put warm clothes on. I had no idea what he was up to, but I did as he said. We went out in my front yard, and he told me to throw snowballs at him as hard as I could and call out everything that made me angry, or sad. While I was forming the snowballs, I was instructed to speak only of positive things. Anyway, in about a half hour I was worlds away from that desperate girl I had been before. It seems corny but it's the sweetest thing anyone has ever done for me. I want to return the favor for anyone, anytime I can, because my faith in humanity is restored. I thought this was odd at first, that we could both be such good friends to each other, but really it's not, because this is how friends should treat each other. About a month ago I remember telling my friend, during one his hard times, that we were going to get each other through high school, and that things were going to be ok. I believe this more than ever now. Through this one experience I've found restored faith in myself, others, and the future. I was starting to think that after some bad experiences that I didn't deserve good friends, or maybe that I wasn't one. During one of my worst periods I called someone who I used to consider a best friend and told him that I needed help. I mean this was a true cry for help, and I remember him telling me that I should getting a hobby, and that he had to go. I know he didn't mean like that, but it just seemed like I was always standing there with open arms for others, and… Idk, I'm just pointing out some of the reasons why I've been so cynical. I don't want to sound cliche, but I think things are changing for the better. Thank you forever to a true angel.


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