If you don’t want to read a rant, then go away now. If you comment about how stupid it is to rant, I’ll kick you in the fucking face because I warned you.

Now, anyway, school is so fucking stupid. Krystal, yes, your boyfriend cheated on you. Too bad, so sad. Get over it, it’s your own fault for sleeping with him so you can’t use that against him. He didn’t rape you, he didn’t pressure you. Sorry you lost your virginity to someone who was stupid. Your fault for that.

Then, you go and get pissed because he moved on and doesn’t love you. Okay, so you say it’s better for him to die in the Army and if your friends were really your friends you wouln’t go to his funeral. Well fuck you. Fuck you right in the ass you stupid dumb bitch. Paul is my friend. Paul is someone I cared about. You bet your ass I’d go to his funeral.

And you’re suppose to be Christian. Here you are, shoving this shit down our throats and you go and say something like that. Way to go and be a fucking hypocrite. You’re really fucking stupid, you know that? Seriously.

To make things worse you go and get pissed off because Paul moved on so quickly. So what happens? When Ashely and Brandon make you feel better, you throw yourself all over Brandon. He’s a fucking Freshman! You’re a Junior you stupid pedophile. Way to go and be gross and totally do what Paul did to you.

You want to know why I think you’re going out with him? Because you’re on the rebound and you want to make Paul jealous. Get over yourself. I doubt you two will last more than two months. I will shit myself if you do. You never showed interst in Brandon before and now all of a sudden you do? It’s because you’re a whore and will fall all over the first guy to give you the fucking time of fucking day!

You’re seriously so stupid. You want to tell the Army Paul broke some stupid rules to get him kicked out of the Army because he broke your heart. Grow the fuck up! Get the fuck over it! You know what? This is HIGH SCHOOL. How much shit lasts outside of high school? Seriously, there isn’t even five percent of high school couples that make it. You know this so don’t be suprised when it ends.

Grow up, move and, and get over it! Stop being a dumb whore who lies all the fucking time about everything. You lie about how much money you have, about how much money your uncle has, about going to Paris over the winter. I bet you even lie about having to do six hours of dance every fucking day.

Not to mention you can’t even do your own fucking homework and you expect your friends to do it. If you can’t do your homework and then say you’re too depressed or you can’t do well screw you bitch. Get out of the class or make time. You can do all your other homework. Pfft, you’ve told me you just don’t feel like doing your homework so that’s why you asked me to do it. Go choke on a cock and do your own damn homework.

Ugh! Krystal, you seriously bug the shit out of me. I swear, if I have to see your fucking face at school, hear your fucking voice, have to be around you for more than three seconds, I will go the fuck off because you’re a stupid bitch. Seriously. You’re worse than fucking Malori.

(Too bad this is only like one of three things pissing me off. Too bad this one is the most recent so it’s pissing me off the most. High school is so gay. Seriously. Gay as all fuck.)

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  1. ziquester 15 years ago

    Wouldnt it just make you feel better to beat the hell outta something?

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