Before I forget…

@Arachne – I read your blog about Twilight and obviously can't respond but I just had to say that I feel the same way you do. I watched some clips from the movies and I cringed. I don't know why it hurts when someone else is bad at acting but it does, I feel almost embarrassed somehow. But that's just my two cents. =/

Anyways, I have to go to the amusement park tomorrow. I'm not overly excited, largely because I'm not in a good mood. I'm going more for my Mom than anything. We're meeting my Aunt and her daughter and her daughter's new boyfriend who no one likes because he's way too forward. He just met my Gram a day ago and while he was visiting, he saw a bag of Twizzlers on her table.

He said, "Boy those look good!" She offered him one and he ended up eating and eating and eating, continually reaching into the bag, not even caring that he just met the woman and now he's eating all her candy!

He also told my Gram, "Now I know where [cousin's name] gets her good looks!'

Gram didn't like that. She is 77 years old and has cancer. Her hair began falling out months ago and she's frail. She's a very tough, stern, blunt old lady and to go in there talking about how pretty she is when she knows she's sick wasn't flattering for her.

All in all, spending a day around this guy is probably going to be miserable. At first, it was just me, my brother, my Mom, my Aunt, and her friend. Then my cousin came home and she joined in. Then we found out that she brought the bf and her Mom already hates him and wants him out of the house so I'm sure he's just stellar…

Oh, but get this – She was talking to her daughter and this guy kept yelling for her. Eventually, my Aunt got sick of it and said, "I'm trying to have a conversation with my daughter" and he said, "Well she's my girlfriend".

D'oh. Great way to make an impression you idiot.

I wonder if my Aunt will deck him… >.>


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