Anxiety oh what a joy to have you around
you make me feel safe in my head
wanting to curl up and cry of dread
during a presentation to my whole entire class instead
of trying to speak the word that must be said
for a grade that must be send
or else it will be the end of my reputation if I ran away instead

Sorry Anxiety I was lying
I was just afraid of you crying

I’m just trying to survive in this war

Leave it to me with the depression and acception of getting hurt
As well as the obsession of being hurt


Cause that’s all I know is my deep deep sorrow of being borrow
by people who are narrow and barreled in with sadness and pain

But it’s just the same of depression little game
But once that person got over their misery and life went all jolly golly and stuff went great for them
Left me behind with a grin of insanity because I still have dejection, and they say I’ll drag them down
I’m just gonna drown, in my depression the perfection of the top subject I’m great at…

But Some still stay but soon fade away

because of my low spirits won’t go away
pushing people, scaring people, taunting people, fucking around with people
being with people…

It’s so hard to do at times just being with people…

Cause I’m having a fight with anxiety and depression all the time

Like why?

Why do we argue I mean I know why

But it’s fine

Just fine as a shiny dime

Who am I fooling? I lied

I’m just dying inside

I can’t hide from the voices I hear 

That I fear with you too


I try and try

To fry you guys

But you manage to come back and make a strive of grief in me…

When you guys are arguing putting things in my head It’s like an abusive married couple and I’m the child that’s crying in fear of the rath

I’m trying to get away and be with my lover my admire happiness  

But you keep me barricade hostile in this room with u guys 

I just sigh 

Texting happiness giving me hope and try to find a great way to give a goodbye to you guys


Oh  Mr.Depression Anger Disappointed my father

Why must it be this way?

I write in my diary about what you done

Because that’s all I can do

You trained my talent to be all about you

If I try to write about happiness then I’m a fool

Who just drool in my sleep

It’s just a shame if I write anything else den my misery

It seems dull 

So I just draw

Because that doesn’t cause me to think at all

Since I had fall

Into a deep deep ocean full emotion 

It’s all a ball

So I give up on it all


And Anxiety my mother when would you give society a chance

Why are you so scared?

Why can’t you bared to just say something and make friends?

Please just give me a chance to talk and escape this misery and fearfulness

That you call home..




No matter how long the fight is, please don’t give up… Hope is still out there somewhere


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