i really thank councelllors for being there but wish they wouldn't do some of these things

  • not beilive you
  • change the reasons of things that you tell them to something else
  • makeone event in life as the cause of everything, even though you had it before then
  • make humour of it
  • tell you you don't need anymore help and end it
  • never get in contact with you and assume you've had enough
  • make up a totally different thing than what you've just told them
  • think that what you are saying is based on how you feel when really it's fact
  • think your exaggerating. most of the time it's the opposite. it doesn't go without shame to reveal over and over again that your not coping.
  • think they know your life better than you do
  • make up for your problems with things that they think are positives about you e.g: well at least you arn't a drug addict. Really your thinking, if i could meet people then i would be.
  • tell you "you look well today"
  • tell you your doing well
  • delve into only the things you dont want to say and that dont matter instead of them taking everything they need to know that your handing out on a plate
  • them telling you your normal. if this is normal then you may as well refer me to switzerland assisted suicide clinic.
  • when they keep smiling and trying to make happy emotional contact. I've never felt that before and it's akward trying to pretend to feel it or show it. im here because i don't know how, not because im choosing not to.
  • when they take things personally, such as not being able to connect to them or laugh with them because you physically and emotioanlly don't even know how.
  • when you tell them you can't do something, they tell you "no your wrong, because you did it here" basically just blocking out anything your trying to tell them
  • very intense staring makes me anxious but that's just me
  • some of them are really good and they should be able to try more things, like put you in certain situations etc. they should have more methods.

of course some councellors are really good and don't do any of these

  1. Author
    borntired 10 years ago

    My counselor doesnt do any of those things and if yours is you need to find a new one

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  2. Author
    Aswa 10 years ago

    Yep. Agree with borntired. You need to shop around for a better fit for you. Good luck, Aswa.

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  3. Author
    sadjac 10 years ago

    Totally agree whole heartedly!! I wish they'd give this blog to the students learning psychology! Very well done. Couldn't have said it better.

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