hello I just joined the tribe and am super excited. I am a introverted teen riddled with anxiety and depression I have struggled with my mental illness for years and knew about a year ago that if I did not get help I would go down a sniper slope I asked my parents to see a therapist and after much work and convincing I was diagnosed with general and social anxiety along with depression and soon after I was put on medication.  it has been a hard few years and my healing has been a process. my family has been doing there best but don\’t understand me and cause me more struggle but are doing there best. I joined to speak to pears in a way I can\’t with my family and with my nonexistent friends.

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  1. aquazium 2 years ago

    That’s almost exactly the same reason I came here! I also figured out I had anxiety, and I needed more help other than my family, and I’ve been trying to convince my parents to get me a therapist. I hope this support group gives you the help you need, it’s been very helpful for me.

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