Before i joined this site – i used to think that i was the only one who was suffering from depression , i thought no one could ever be in a situation like me but when i joined this site – i realized the bitter truth of life , things CAN BE WORSE

“life isn’t always fair” — TBH it never was

people come and go , every SINGLE DAY. Have heard that in every 4 hours a teenager suicides. And for real i thought i was the only one depressed?

since i joined this site , i met many people – many WONDERFUL  people with a golden bright heart who deserve so much more but never accept it. if i now compare my “life problems” with y’all’s then maybe i don’t even have a problem with life cux people have suffered so much here.

Someone is abused , someone is not getting accepted just bcx they’re trans/gay/lesbian , someone’s mom died , someone’s dad died , someone is drug addict , someone is bullied ….. etc this never ends. but what about me ? i am just a confused 15 year old kid who cant understand what exactly is wrong with her. I suffer from anxiety everyday , i may smile / laugh in morning all day long but there has been not a single day when i didnt cry at nights!!

who am i? – well i dont even know myself.

“A person who looks happy and cheerful may not be as happy or cheerful from within”

well i have friends and also have…..a boyfriend and yeah this boyfriend guy is the reason idk maybe the reason i suffer so much!!

he didnt properly talk to me for like 7months , haha corona is a fuckin shit TBH  nevermind he is a jerk but i miss those— those idiotic cute things we did together , we sure were THE SWEETEST couple of my batch but now a idk…

life changed A LOT , its okay.

i learnt so MUCH since i joined this site

people here are so friendly and sweet – they deserve so much better!!

lastly IDK why i typed all these but just a confession xx


Thanks for reading xx

love you <3


  1. aquazium 2 years ago

    Hi, deadsoulx,
    I feel the same way. Some people have much harder lives than mine, and I feel guilty sometimes, sharing the stuff I’m going through that seems pathetic compared to the things they’re dealing with. It sucks that your boyfriend isn’t being there for you, I hope he realizes what he’s doing and starts being the boyfriend you deserve, or that you’ll find someone who truly deserves YOU. Corona has ruined all our lives:(
    Thanks for sharing, I get you. I hope things get better.

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    • deadsoulx 2 years ago

      Hey , aquazium
      dude you are so sweet , thank you SO MUCH!! i hope things get back the way it was !! hoping for the best xx
      yes corona did ruin our lives!!
      thanks <3

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  2. deadsoulx 2 years ago

    thank you SO MUCH!!!!
    i wish you the best too <3!!

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