There I was. Sitting here in my favorite rocking chair, drinking water out of the "cup of lonliness" when it hit me. It's the water that's coming out of the cup that is lonely. Not the cup itself. This changes everything. If the cup is not lonley, that favors us.

ok. lets say that we are the cup and the water is somone who we don't like.

so, if the cup(us) is not lonely, than niether are we.

and if the water(people we don't like) is lonley, than good.

Plus, the tap water here in Vallejo really sucks. I was thinking of getting a "Britta" Filter, but i never did end up getting it. I f*cked that up. i just forgot. Now, i really don't have the money for a water filter of such high capacity. So i drink the tap water. I usually put ice in it. the colder the better. kinda numbs up the throat as it goes down and you can't taste it as much. that's just what i'm sayin' though. you can believe whatever you want. the fact is that the water is lonely. That really sucks for the water. what could we do to make the water happy? Hmmm…..idk. it's not gettin' any of my happiness though if that means anything to you. you have to hold on to that happiness when you have it. Happiness comes around once a lifetime. and you have to sieze it. i'm talkin' about true happiness. the kind that people ask you if you're happy, and you just know. if you don't sieze it, you may never have the oppurtunity again.

Another thing, I'm really glad that the cup is happy. If you remember(the cup represents us), which it's good that we're happy. I thnk however that what's more imortant is that we as a happy people need to help those who are not happy and are lonely, who are dwon on their luck, and to recognize that we can't take for granted how important the cup is to us.

it has been said that some people see the glass "half-full" while others see it"half-empty". it's a good thing for us that our happiness depends on the cup and since the water is lonely, we don't need to worry about any of that "glass is half-full shit. I get really sick of that shit. What if the glass is1/4 of the way full? or perhaps it's 3/4 of the way full. Then what? what do we call that???

society is effed up these days.

trust noone and believe everything.

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  1. BR48 13 years ago

    Good analogy.

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