So today at school there is this huge thing my friend Megan want her BF to sit with us well em doesnt agree and the rule at our table is we all have to agree for us to add someone new KT doesnt care either way and Sara said yes Lindsalou said yes and i said either way works as long as he doesnt act perverted and stupid! so now lindsalou is mad at em b/c she flipped out on sarah for sayin yea and Megan is mad ccuz he can’t sit there and I am Switzerland The nuetral country! so i am cought in it all then today also Zack came over and took sara for a minute and the next thing u know Brookee walks over and flips out on megan for bein mean to sarah,,,,but megan is like UGH i mean she is sooo mean and sooo nice sometimes but she is more mean i guess she has started rumors about all of us before and encouraged them 🙁 she wrote a note to sarah ssayin "I can have any guy I want and i can hang out with dani and all of them(popular girls) if i want to also i can have any guy I want but you guys are bringing my popularity down" But its not true because she just moved here at the begining of last year and had a reputation as a whore a slut and so many other things and i have to agree with slut! but I dont know what to do because she is ripping us all apart and now she is tryin to say well im just gunna switch schools and no matter how many times she says all this it never happens she can leave but everytime she always comes back to us  like to purposefully destroy us b/c now she has got lindsalou out of her mind sayin em was never our friend and should go away! so i am at my wits end tryyin to hold this together because my bestest and truest friend has been an hour away for 4 years now even though we still talk i dont know what i am going to do without her! and this whole thing is driving me crazy!!!!!!!!! I cant take it i am seriously considering an online school but i dont want to miss out on my highschool years but if they are all goin to be like this i dont want to be there for it and my school got worse(somehow) after megs moved her >:(


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