Joined the roller derby.  First practice is Saturday  morning  !

Constructive inflicted harm . It works for a fun cause and its kind of cool


I dont have three hundred words 😵…….jjjjdgygygd djdjjdjd ejdjjjd ndjjdjd jdndjd jdjdj djdjd jdjdj jdjdj eury eject hehe ejdjbe hehehe hehehe ueuiirj wuih3ueuieh  and my woodland children are all fucked up and you\’re with the post office and you have to take pictures of them



I was hitting auto select if you where wondering to make random stories

I still don’t have 300 words.

What does everything have to be 300 words

I hate 300 words

I tried again I still can’t get 300 words 300 words will you magically appear So I can stop typing so much nonsense Now I just noticed the word count at the bottom.

certainly not near 300 words


I’m going a hit my auto select to make up another story.

Get out and play with bugs in the woods alone and get to send me some fun stuff to do with the other side of your life and get a envelope of your favorite music in a fairytale land of love for you xox and the outdoors and the outdoors and the outdoors is the most because of the #rapids you have marrow in your hand and the outdoors is very important for your family to make a mess with your horseshit but you guys have no clue how you feel about your life in a week just because you liked some kind of look at them like you should have done alot in the middle east and that they have science and technology that will be under control for 9years to get the rest of the world for survival in a world where people can get replacements for their lives in Colorado but not in the middle of the #rapids and they ghosted.


Oh 300 words. Thank you auto select for tell a fine story. So everyone things I’m nuts

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  1. ucfdarkknight 4 years ago

    hope the roller derby was fun

    yes, 300 words is a pain in the butt

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