I started out the day a little irritated.

I couldn't sleep well last night, it was just too damn hot. I was also irritated with my Mom which didn't help me sleep any better. I visited my Aunt last night with my cousin and had one wine cooler…one. And my Mom scolded me…not once, not twice, but three times. I'll be turning 23 in August…

It was embarrassing. I thought she'd find the "Ghostgirl is drunk" joke funny or at least not get pissed. I mean, who gets drunk from what practically amounts to kool-aid? She seems to think I'll fall in with a bad crowd…which just goes to show that neither one of my parents knows me or has a damn lick of faith in me.

I tried to make some phone calls this morning but then my Gram's aid came in…and boy that girl can talk. A lot and very loudly. I tried holding the phone close to my ear, sitting in the other end of the house, and plugging my other ear with my finger but damn…she wrecked my train of thought so I was forced to stop making calls.

Right now I'm just waiting to see if my department can help me. My academic advisor said that she understands my position and that, while it's not ideal, it can work. However, they'd prefer that I stay so they're going to see if they can get me any extra money. They can't get me the full amount but they're going to see what they can do. Hopefully I'll make it work…if not, it sounds like taking a year off should be okay. When I turn 24, I won't need my parents' info anymore…and I will be making considerably less. At most, making just minimum wage and working 40 hours a week, I'd clear a little more than $15,000 a year…before taxes… Worst case scenario, working 16 hours a week I"d make under $7,000. Of course, I could always make a bit more but I'm looking at the worst case scenario.

So basically, I'd have to work all damn year to be able to afford one or two quarters at my school…and nothing else… Although, that'd be with my current financial info…I'd hopefully get a lot more aid on my own.

I'm just trying to stay positive. If I can get out on my own, my life will improve no matter how you look at it.

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  1. ancientgeekcrone 11 years ago

    It sounds like some plans of action are beginning to shape up. Don't give up hope.

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