hard to believe 60 days from today i will celebrate 21 years in Recovery. the friends i have met that have become family today. it is only by the grace of God that i am still clean today. even with a few days back to back i am still a work in progress.. it seems the longer i stick around the less i know. what i do know keeps me hungry for Recovery. the lessons in life that have been passed on to me keep my desire for staying right where i am. i have grown spiritual;ly, mentally, emotionally and as a whole a much better person.


i learned that i need to still attend as many meetings as i can drag my old ass to. i still need to work the 12 steps on a daily basis. i still need to pray to the God of my understanding. i need to continue to spend quality quiet time with myself and God. i need to remain openminded. i also have to remain willing to go the distance to do what ever is needed to stay clean today.


as we go to NA lengths in our daily lives each and everyday we have to stay focused on the big picture. as we help sponsees work the 12 steps we have to continue to work on us while we are helping others. we cannot fix any body unless we learn to fix ourselves first. i am thankful and grateful for all of you who have become friends on this site. may you have the power to achieve everything in life that you want. as we obtain goals we set for ourselves we can feel the satisfaction that we are doing the best we can for ourselves. never lose your ability to dream. because dreams do come true. for all of us celebrating another 24 hours today happy birthday. just remember that Recovery is a journey not a destination and use the rest stops God provides along the way.


NA hugs and love from this grateful recovering Addict,




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