Meditation for the Day

Would it be easier to forgive others if we had a sense that God had forgiven us first? For a moment, imagine that God has just forgiven you for all of the worst things you’ve ever done. Let that thought sink in. Why would God do that? So that we could step out of the dungeon of guilt, shame, and remorse. Once we’ve had that experience, it becomes easier for us to give to others what God has just given to us. God forgives us first, totally and completely, so that we will forgive those who have harmed us, totally and completely. God asks us to pass on this powerful gift. There’s another reason why God forgives us everything: we will never be of service to the addict who still suffers as long as we are stuck in our shame and guilt. God forgives us so that we will break out of our self-loathing, get up, and carry the message to those who need to hear our stories. Accepting God’s forgiveness frees us up to be of service to those who need what we have.

Prayer for the Day

I pray that I will be able forgive so that I can free myself from all of the hurtful memories that I have held on to for I pray that I will be willing to accept my God’s forgiveness so that I can become a forgiver myself. I ask my Higher Power to free me from guilt and shame so that I can redirect my energies in ways the will help me and others to stay clean. too long. I ask God to help me see how dangerous anger and vengeance are to my recovery so I can begin to let them go.


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