Another college killing spree.  And it won't be the last.  The sad thing about it is that every one on this web site, can very easily understand how it happened. " He quit taking his 'meds'."  How many reading this blog, has quit taking their 'meds', at one time or another?

     But no one will put the blame exactly where it belongs.  The blame belongs on the Pharmaceutical Companies.  They take billions and billions of dollars each year, when mentally ill people come to the medical profession for help, and all they get is bullshit, and 'meds' that don't cure anything.  Oh yea.  The Pharmaceutical Companies get very rich for keeping millions and millions of mentally ill people living very compromised lives, just so they can get richer. 

     The even sadder thing is that these millions and millions of mentally ill people, still support the 'people' that are keeping them mentally ill, with out curing them.  They refuse to question the medical profession.  They should 'demand' more successful medical care. They are giving up the chance of a normal happy healthy life because the medical community would rather make $ MONEY $ than cure them.  

      And when someone comes along and says he can cure mental illness in 24 to 48 hours they say 'He is crazy'..  They don't have the guts to look in the mirror and see not only the one who is mentally ill, but the one who doesn't want to be cured.  However, they still expect every one in their lives to accept them, despite their mental illness, abnormal behavior, erratic mood swings,.and all of the other unpleasant qualities that are common in mentally ill people.

     Mentally ill people are victims.  They inherited their situation.  They didn't ask for it.  They don't deserve it.  They do have the power to effect it, or change it, however.  But, maybe because of the 'meds' they are taking, or have taken in the past, they don't seem to want to change, get cured, or even "march on Washington".  They maybe think that the disability monthly money that they are getting is free money.  The truth of the matter is that no matter how much financial compensation they are getting, It is a very very low price for a humans lifetime in the U.S.A. 

      But this is only my opinion, and my 'beliefs' seem to be ignored and ridiculed on this site.  I sure am glad that I cured my depression years ago, as it is a lot more pleasant to be on the outside looking in, rather than being in the inside being depressed…..

  1. sdreamcatcher 15 years ago

    count me in as one who wont ridicule you for these beliefs.  i wholeheartedly agree, and am a semi regular on another site where most dont "get it" either.     id be interested to hear how you "cured" your depression, im using alternaatives myself for depression and bipolar.  dont know if thats the route youve taken, but there are non med methods.

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  2. IDKwhatIwant 15 years ago

    bad people do bad things. Im not against you or what your saying, but if you feel your medication is your personality and morale, then you need a stronger dosage lol.

    I agree that companies are greedy, but thats what an economy is for. its capitalism. without a high and low, exchange would be nothing, and we probably wouldnt have the means to make medication, or even dispurse it to the people who need it.

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  3. sweetcatharsis 15 years ago

    I agree completely. My mother lost her mind after she started taking Zoloft. First she lost tons of weight… She went from around 110 to 85-90 pounds. She started telling me that she felt like she was losing her mind and that it was from the medications. I was about 12 so I didn't know what to do.. or whether I believed her.  She stopped taking them thinking it would help. Few days later, I heard something fall in her room and went in there. She was on the floor convulsing. She was briefly hospitalized, but maintained that her brain was messed up after being released. She had horrible anxiety. She was like a different person entirely. One day I woke up to her telling me to lock myself in the bathroom. A few minutes later a man banged on the door and told me to open it. It was one member of a S.W.A.T. team that had surrounded my house following my mom's call to a suicide hotline. She had told them she was going to shoot her daughter in her sleep and then herself. She apparently walked outside with a shotgun so we are fortunate they didn't shoot her.

    And as for people not believing you… there is an undeniable correlation between violent crimes and the mass-introduction of antidepressants. People are just too easily manipulated to see it.

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