had a really bad day, started by waking up from a nightmare about my ex. then nearly getting hit by 2 cars speeding. then I found out we had an assembly and I freaked out, I couldn't see my ex in this state, I would have a breakdown. I started having a panic attack. I zoned out, next thing I new I was in the bathrooms will blood dripping down my arm. I had slit my wrist, not to a point of dangerous but there was allot of blood. the nurse wasn't there so I want to the consular, had to wait about 15 min till he could see me and I could show him the hot sticky blood dripping down my arm an seeping through my Polly prop. anyway I got cleaned up by the nurse. went back to class. on the way 2 people called out my exist name who was in front of me, had a many breakdown but still went to class. found out that my ex was in the class next to me for some reason and had to put up with an agro teacher. lunch was a wreck, I was having really bad mood swings. went to chem only to find out that I failed the exam again and my ex has a new crush on this guy. so yea. I had a pretty shit day. a also didn't eat much because I wanted to puke half the day.

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