Good morning world,

So after a long hiatus of reverting prior to the 21st century and living in squalor, I finally have managed to convince verizon to wire my house up for basic broadband and have returned to the world of electronic living. As a seeker of progress, I have made a oath to myself to use the resources I have available in order to grow and hopefully prosper through my efforts, so Im making an official statement of purpose here and now to come and use this site at least 2x a week or more if desired. Here is being day one.

So I pose this question to any and all who may stumble upon the writings I contribute here. We are all obviously here for the same purpose correct? Something is wrong, we cant seem to pull ourselves out of the abyss that we find ourselves residing in. Our lives suffer for it, we live and breath wishing for something better, and we commit ourselves to our condition each and every time we enter the web address into our browser bars. Labeling ourselves as depressed. I dont know about the rest of you, but I know that I dont want to be here forever, so I analyze and attempt to interpret the situation.

I see alot of the blogs here and I cant help but wonder what the point of placing them here does? WE are all in the same boat, what good does it do to whine and cry about how miserable we are? What good does it do to belittle and berate ourselves through this public anonymity? Is that the point of this? Some sort of condescending confession booth? I dont think that was the intention when this site was created, nor do I think it was any of our intent when we first registered for service; and furthermore how do you expect people to respond to any statement regarding "How terribly hopeless I am"? We all feel the same way in some sense or another so are you expecting pity? I for one cant even pity myself anymore, but I do want to work through this and learn, so Im willing to come here to share any knowledge or insights I may come across. Its kind of the point, to help one another because we share a common interest. Theres no point in disarming yourself or everyone else here from aiding you by eliminating any possibility of a response. So I beg you to please cease your infallable cries and howling at the moon and take a moment to think about the future and the fact that absolutely nothing in this world is permanent! However the flip side of that coin is that nothing is free. Change takes effort, theres no point in working against yourself, and the effects of bashing yourself publicly ripple outward to each and every one who comes here looking for answers. You are who you call friend and all…

If theres anyone left here who feels the same and hasnt forsaken this resource, please feel free to message me or just follow if you like. Its not necessary, but every now and then a little validation is nice. I plan on continuing regardless.

Thank you for your time


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