Hi everyone…wow, this is my first time doing this but I just really need to talk to someone else who is struggling. I am addicted to pulling out the hair from my legs with tweezers. I\’ve been doing it for about 2 years and I\’m 17 now. I was ashamed for the longest time because I thought that people would be disgusted with me and that I was the only one who struggled with this problem. But my therapist told me that other people also pluck hair from their legs and I just really want to talk to someone who understands what it\’s like. Does anyone else out there struggle (wow I said that word a lot, i need a thesaurus J) with obsessive hair plucking? If so, how long have you been doing it? Is there anything that helps you, because everyone is telling me to just stop and I find it impossible sometimes.  I am obsessed with pulling the hair out of my legs because I am enticed by the idea of some long hair inside of me. Everyone now and then I pull out a really long ingrown hair (like 4 inches) and I just stare at it, marveling at how it grew under my skin. And I also love pulling out hair with thick, black, or bloody bulbs at the end. I collect them, I put the “good” ones on a piece of my paper on my beside table and keep it there and I just throw away the other hairs. I normally use tweezers but my mom has collected all the tweezers in the house and has hidden them somewhere. I’m freaking out every day because I need to pull the hair out and I’m agitated and anxious all the time. I look over every centimeter in my house desperate for tweezers and then I resort to using my fingernails but my fingernails are too short and it takes too long to pull out the hair. Some days, when I’m really desperate I take an x-acto knife and I dig it into my skin uncovering a long hair underneath layers of skin. I dig deep and feel the pain throbbing but I can’t stop until I get that hair out. Most of the time, I never get that one hair out because its way too deep underneath my skin but when I do get it out, its always really long and satisfying and bloody and I know this is gross but I’m really struggling and I need to talk to someone. I feel like I’m in withdrawal, I think about hair all the time and I watch youtube videos of ingrown hairs being pulled out from underneath scabs in an attempt that it will pacify me but it only makes the obsession worse. Someone please talk to me.

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  1. rodgelodge 6 years ago

    Trichitillomania.. I struggle with skin picking more than hair picking but when I was a young kid I would pick at my eyebrows before I even was diagnosed with ocd or anxiety; my eyebrows would be half ripped off :(. I started doing the tweezer plucking on my body but stopped because I knew it was obsessive and would only escalate, I use hair removal products like veet as a preventative method because I am more obsessed with being clean and that is the way to get smooth. I noticed the blood though and it was a bit main ful in some areas where I was doing it which is why I convinced myself I should stop as I diddnt want to lead to an addictive self injury cycle. I could get stuck in the mirror plucking anything I see so at this point I have no more tweezers. I get eyebrows threaded (very cheap! ). My problem was being stuck in the mirror for hours till the eyebrows looked how I wanted but they never were the way I wanted them to look (screw ocd) . So even after I plucked them for hours I would be compulsively looking in the mirror for hours again, honestly would never stop. I am light too and my eyebrows barely even need to be plucked, it got to the point where I barely had eyebrows -_- but ya just try and stay away from the tweezers and whenever u have the urge to pick put your hands together as hard as you can it’s called competing response I think? Check it out online .

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