Lately, I have taken it upon myself to use every part of my spirit, soul, strength, whatever you might call it, to fight my OCD. Well, somehow the OCD just picks up on this and has been fighting back with every twist and turn it can take. But, I have found a new tactic that seems to be working for me at least. For the moment. I have personified my OCD within my thought process. I envision it as a little living entity living within my brain waves twisting and turning them to its own delight. And I am crawling inside my own brain and attacking it from within.

The other night I was awoken, as I had had an OCD thought in my sleep. Something pretty much foreign to me. And I was in shock and I awoke with fright and I was anxious as hell. But, I was also really tired. So, I laid down and shut my eyes and envisioned that little OCD person. And every time a bad thought came my way, I envisioned that little OCD person was throwing it at me. And I would whack it out of my way. And I told that OCD to please leave me alone. I told that OCD that I was tired and if it could just stop for right now, because I really needed sleep. And the more I said that, the more thoughts were thrown at me. And the thoughts got worse and worse. BUT…After about 10 minutes of whacking thoughts away and saying, "nope, not right now, I need to sleep"…The OCD person quieted down. And I was able to sleep.

I don't know if I would call this a technique or not. But, I just am using this process as a way of separating myself from the OCD. It has already returned for more attacks. It will always return for more attacks. But, at least now, I feel more confident battling it…because it's just that little OCD person that means nothing…


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