Well for anyone that is interested, I recieved my acceptance letters from both Fed Financial Aid, and Empire State College. I will have my orientation for School a week after my surgery. I believe that my classes will start May 19. I am doing a double major, and will have a very heavy courseload..I want to finish my degree and jump into the next step.. I am 47 years old, diagnosed AIDS going on 10 years ago and want to help the people whose worlds and lives are affected as drastically as mine was with the diagnosis.

 I have a very hard and difficult road ahead, but, I hope to be able to focus nearly all my energy and will into completing this! I am also thinking it will be nice to have that piece of sheepskin and place it in my Dad\'s hands and tell him I did it on my own.( yeah, there is alot of animosity between he and I)

 I have been trying to do some research on Grants for those affected/infected with HIV/AIDS. I have found a few foundations that cater primarily to LBGT, although I don\'t fall into those catagories. I am hoping because I am chosing mental health counselling for HIV/AIDS that I may still qualify for these grants. If anyone reads this, other than myself, and has knowledge of any grants/scholarships for those infected with HIV/AIDS and can pass that information on, I would be indebted to you.

 The weather is supposed to be in the mid 50\'s today.. I am going to work on my taxes and then go help a friend scrap out a mobile home! Aluminum prices aren\'t what they were a couple months ago, but, money is money, and disability doesn\'t pay my child support!




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  1. j_powell01 14 years ago

    I can’t really add to much to what others have said. I too have recently graduated with my BA in Accounting and scored a 97 o my CPA exam. It is really difficult. I have three children myself and it tok a lot of understanding and compromise. Small sugeestion? Before I started back to class, I sat down with my girls and we designed a schedule to accomidate for time for me to study. It made them fel a part of the decision and a support to the common goal. I truly salute you in returning to school….it’s well worth it.

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