I get a funny feeling,

                                    it comes from deep inside.

                                    I get all mad and angry,

                                    wanting to hide.


                                  My doctor calls it depression,

                                  my dad says its just me.

                                  But the thoughts and feelings,

                                  no one will ever be able to see.


                                  Some say i’m psycho,

                                  some say i’m just weird.

                                  It’s like i’m a different person,

                                  andthe old me just dissappeared.


                                I get really edgy,

                                I want to commit suicide real bad

                                Then i get  a headache

                                 followed by feeling sad.


                               I wish i could get help,

                               I wish it would go away,

                               Maybe if i keep praying real hard,

                               it will some day.

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  1. starlove 13 years ago

    You just described my daily life.  You will never be alone.  It is not "just you" and if you haven”t already, you should seek out the community mental health office in your county.  Help is out there, it”s just a matter of finding it and applying yourself.

    I know it”s confusing and hard to accept that you have depression but I also know that it is something I had to do to get help and move on.  Hugs, Star

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