Greetings family yes indeed one big family trying to work on not repeating ourownset patterns that is why i am here to live tolearn to grow to cry to share to laugh witha group of peeps that can empathise sorry i gethard core depressionis deadly leathal infact and even those of us whom wish weweredead and gone still have a spark of life left in them …… Even those with that glazed over look their body is there but their soul/spirit its gone ……………….. thanks for stoppen in my friendthis soul hasmoved on we made a sign in nursing school we had a blast Gina did we not still do thousand miles apart does not detremine what lay with in the heart of hearts the core we talk about around here on occationohthis place its in the ends of a rip roaring up heaval ……………… communiction break down nothing less andnothing more i have lots to say but today well we shall she how its handshall i play …… i love torap ryme sing dance romance all the things in life one can may take for granteed now tht old man of the sea is ok back to his jolly old self he really is a wonderful person a mans man ask AGK she knows infact i spent lots of time with her till she needed space and set me free to go on to my next guru if you will teacher of spirituality yes ?>??? hey i am a human too so prehaps its time i took to the sky fly sparky fly ……. with the wind on our faces and the sun at our backs me and the one who has been standing thererightin frount of me the whole entire time check that out ms snowie lol menapause for certain notfor me and one other thing again for you that chosenot to help me or us in arealabusive situation which your assistance would have beenwonderfull appriciated no prob justwont go to you againif this crap repeats its self wellme and mine wereup outta here fly in and out as we go we have things to do and Donna i forgot i knew you yeah laughed all the way up the coastso she did lean into kiss me and wow did i get scared hold on please someone put the breaks on lol i can here my ol buddy Andy say ahsparkster just lean into it have that blind faith you do when your right with your source yeah i have friends all over this world some i trust lesss then others its a crap shoot really take what you like and leave the rest knock off talkingnegitive about me please it makes healing more nearly difficultso i pissed you off some of you needed it and still dont get it well to each their own boundries yeah ok never asked me what mine were did ya who cares in the long runI have been taught and lately retaughtbefore you go getten all up set ask your self this question HOW IMPORTANT IS IT in the whole scheam of things then pending on your inner responce take appropriate action andjust like thesong says choosing to pretendand to not make a choice is indeed still a choice i love you twits with all my heart hell yeah were rude sometimes you might have triggered something sorry its not all about you right now and yet it ought to be things people do for me i appriciate yet thats not what i allow to impress me do not underestimate me its your foolishness if you do no matter if you piss me off if i already love you in what ever you do or dont do so be gental with me for once in my life i am real fragile beyond beliefe mary please can we talk in pm at YOUR earliest convienance i sure appriciate that wont take long i know your energy it fluxuates i do empathize ……so stop crabby with each other be real look in your own mirror take accountbability for your own part in things making amends yes i am least i shant repeat the same behaviors again an amends is not made by a word to me it is made by ones actions preceptions are trulysubjective often not objective i dont carewho iszooming who dont come at mewith that yes i am interesed in you crap heck no look i made some mistakes cue snowie again ………….so lil sis i wrote a pome for you late kinda real busy right now in a wonderfly happy way its my choice she said as she shed a silent tear i wish you would stay here with me yet if you need to go i shall help you go yeah well here we are i never left you either who ever you are cripe sakes get on with it gotta jet in a jet time to do the do love ya allgive or take like some of you some times i dont life on lifes terms ok the big capt is getting nervous ya know on time all the time 15 mins early hate me no bother wonteffect me at all i got my eyes on the ones that truly love me and i them cioaciao for now to thyn ownself be true ………………..with in and with out sorry when i get angry i shout yep i dont hear it until today and it frightened the bejessus outta me ….. Look no matter what i have said or done if you know me well enough to know i would rather harm me then you contine then as u is you are now free to move about the world later Rainbow Iron WoLf Eagle your sparky you all delane late woman its all ok hugs please remember to ask if someone wants a hug if your fact to face dont just go up to someone and hug or touch them not cool foolio and there are 50 ways to leave your lover love that song


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