Not all days are bad days. But for some reason the good days aren't good enough for anyone else. No one I speak to seems to know how difficult it is to overcome a gut-wrenching fear.

"Baby steps," they say, but they don't mean it. They mean, "take a step so far you have another anxiety attack and fall over once again." Yes, I can see the want to push me further to success, but let me have time to celebrate those baby steps… even if it's just a brief moment. Praise me for those baby steps and then maybe suggest going a little further.

Don't cut me down for taking what little step I plan to take even before I've taken it. Don't tell me my effort or idea is not good enough, in whatever words or suggestive language you put it in.

I was going through a website that really resonated with me on many levels. As much as I would love to source the quote for this man, I don't think it's very appropriate. But he said, "It’s too easy to let yourself be overwhelmed. Fight harder. I’m making you feel this way for a reason."

Now… I'm taking this quote way out of the implied context and into my own meaning, but the words encouraged me. I have been taking the easy way out for way too long. My "flight" sense is stronger than my "fight" and I need to learn how to fight again. I need to remind myself that the reason why I may be made to feel the ways that I feel is because I'm better… And being better won't ever come easy. I need to work at it. I need to fight for it. I need to seize it.

And I will.

In baby steps…..

How's that list coming?

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  1. Andie372 8 years ago

     The good days are worth fighting for.  One thing I know for certain, most people out there have no CLUE what serious, clinical depression is like.   Definitely don't let someone else set the pace for you.  Only you can do that.  If you complete a baby step, be proud!  If you don't, you can try again tomorrow.

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