Okay, so over the weekend my sister-in-law came and picked us up and took us over to hubby's parents because Saturday was the bachelorette party and bachelor party. I rode in with her mom to the bachelorette party and we all met at my SIL's friend's house.

Now, I've never been to a bachelorette party, but idk I was expecting something a lil different. For the party, the friend had recruited a spa consultant from one of those places that sells makeup and skin care items. It was fun, don't get me wrong, but it definitely wasn't what I thought it would be.

When we all sat down, the consultant actually said that it was the friend's "night to shine" because she was the hostess for the party. Then we had to go around the room and say how we knew the hostess and one thing we liked about her. The only person that knew her was my SIL. She then went on to tell us why she loved being a consultant, how much money she made, etc, trying to get us to become one too. We then got to try out a bunch of skin care stuff and at the end, we were given pamphlets and order forms to buy stuff.

After that was over, my SIL opened her present. Yes, present. Singular. I was the only one who brought anything. We ate some fruit and veggies. And then we played one game where we answered questions about the bride to see how well we knew her. Then it was over.

Am I the only one who thought that was weird???

So as we're leaving, my hubby texts me and says he wants me and his mom to stop at the bar. We do, and find an actual party going on. Both my hubby and his dad are drinking, even tho they said they wouldn't, but they are having a great time. We decide to stay, and his mom starts drinking, so I order one jello shot, then stick to mountain dew for the rest of the night. My SIL and her groom's daughter show up half an hour later and we all have fun listening to the band, talking and playing pool.

That is until about two hours later, when the groom's daughter decides she is totally pissed off about the fact that her hubby is spending so much on drinks and she can't even participate (she's pregnant.) She ends up getting into it with him, not realizing that he is so past drunk he can't even understand a word she's saying, and pushes him off the stool he's sitting on. We witness the whole thing, but because she's sober and pregnant, security takes her side and kicks him out.

By the time my SIL and the groom get back from taking him home, it's after midnight and my husband and his dad (who are both sober by now since they stopped drinking when my MIL started drinking at 8:30) are ready to go home. It's like pulling teeth, but we finally get my MIL to get up and go home. I drove her car and was so incredibly happy to finally get back lol.

It was an interesting night, to say the least.


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