So probably about three things I want to cover in this blog.

1: I've seemed to have lost my ability to be creative. I used to be in a whole bunch of Role Plays on forums and such, but right now I havn't been able to make an honest post / reply to any of them in two weeks. I feel both guilty for letting people down, and also mad at myself for not being able to do what I would enjoy if I could just DO it. It's like I can't respond to anything. I haven't even responded to the email from SCA to ask for more info.

2: I might have bitten off more than I could chew in my WoW game. I've recently become the new Guild Leader, and thus responcible for trying to bring the guild back to life. It feels more like cleaning the dirt and maggots off a burried corpse. There were a good majority of people in the guild that were just using the guild for it's perks. While that may seem harmless, it's the fact that they make the guild look active, without any interaction between guild members (and often ignore guild chat entirely). This makes it seem less like a guild of people to help eachother, and more like some "sign up for bonuses" thing. The other problem we had was with poor officers. Either ones that would make rash decisions that need to be cleaned up afterward, or ones that would make selfish decisions to make themselves look better and brown-nose up to current GM (so now brown nose to me).

So I set up a couple of things. First: all players that have not been seen in 6 months are likely not playing any more, so I'm removing them from guild. I waited until we reached under 200 members (From a blated 750+ ) before demoting all officers. Now all officers need to go through a trial period in order to become one (even old ones). This gives everyone an even bet to rise up. It also (I hope) lets me weed out the poor officers by deterring them from having to do the work of re-applying (which, really is the same work they'd have to do as an actual officer anyway).

However, I'm a bit warry that one of those 'poor' officers might pass my 'training' and since I'm a big stickler on following my own rules, I don't see how I can jsut tell him "No" when he did all the right work. His enthusiasm is great, but his ego is greater, and that's the problem. He tries to jump ahead to impress me and I end up having to deal with the consequences. I don't hate him, but I get rather warry.

3: The last thing that I'm wanting to talk about is a touchy subject: Alcohol. Normally, my BF and I rarely drink, and when we do it's not much (1-3 beers at most for beer. Or 1-3 Kaluha and cream… heavy on the cream. Or 1 hot cocoa with some crem de mynth). So my BF made some hard cider this year, and it's actually really good. Normally I hate the taste of alcohol, but this is closer to a beer in that it's not that potent. Though, my BF says it's more potent than a beer, we don't know exactly how much.

So why talk about it? Well, I've noticed on weekends that I have a goblet of it while gaming. Usually 1 a night on Saturday and Sunday, maybe two on the rare occasion. But I worry if this is ok, or a bad habit starting to form? I am not angry or brooding while I'm drinking it, I'm usually jsut playing with friends and we're getting along and somewhat enjoying ourselves (though some of it's tough stuff to coordinate so that's where the "somewhat" comes from). I realize I don't know the actual volume of the goblet as it was hand crafted at a Rennisance Festival several years back (just seems fun to drink from). So I'm unsure if it's the same alcohol as 1 beer or two? I do know I don't have any headache in the morning, so I assume it's not overkill with the alcohol, but I'm still nervous about it…. well, that and I don't want to drink -all- of our hard cider, but I really like it!


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