Whoa, a lot to talk about tonight.

Firstly, this: http://www.ydr.com/ci_15396917

So basically, this guy leaves his kid in the car for half an hour in 100 degree heat and a new neighbor calls 911. The police show up and he's now being charged with child endangerment. The guy he was visiting at the time said that "the neighbor did the right thing by calling 911. He wishes, though, that the neighbor – who he did not know by name – had tried to find the parents or considered getting the baby out of the vehicle until help arrived. "Common sense tells me if I came out of my house and there was a baby in the car, I would be knocking on every door. We are all concerned about the baby. Why leave him in the heat?" Wiegard said."

You really want to talk about common sense after your buddy there nearly killed his kid? Let's face it – the guy said what he did because of the legal trouble the father is now in. He has no concern for this child's wellbeing whatsoever. All he can think is, "That stupid guy/girl, he/she snitched and got him in trouble!"

I'm glad they called 911. All it takes is one time so all this bull about how it was "just poor judgement" is just that – bull. "Poor judgment" that could have cost a small child his life. What an idiot.

Okay, onto a run-down of my day. 😀

My cousin didn't come, something to do with the bf. Good thing, too, because my Aunt hates his guts.

You know those ferris wheels that flip you upside down? The ones with the carts that are shaped like cars that cage you in? (Skydiver, KERCLICK) Well my Aunt and I rode one of those first and on the way up, she began to question if we'd fit. I thought we'd be fine but then my Aunt mentioned how the bar that holds you in seems to come pretty close to your body…

Let's put it this way…these rides were, according to Wiki, manufactured between 1965 and 1979. Do you think Americans are the same size today as they were 30+ years ago?

And let me also say this – I'm out of shape but I'm not huge. I'm also not an A cup but apparently the women of the 60's and 70's were all pretty flat…

I kept trying to keep the cart upright as we were turning but we still nearly lost our shirts from all the movement and we weren't even wearing anything low cut! My Aunt looked over and said, "We're gonna look like sluts when we get off this ride". xD She's hilarious to run around with.

After that we rode the Bumper Cars, the Tilt-A-Whirl, the Twister, and the go-karts before my Aunt and her friend had enough. I was having fun until we rode the go-karts. The guys running it were total morons for starters. At the end, they put on the red lights and so I slowed down thinking we were going to park. They had us make another lap though which they never did before but I had slowed down so much that at least one of the people I had passed managed to get by me again with no trouble at all.

So I made another lap, came in to park, and BAM. Some stupid, ugly little girl hit me square in the back. For a second, I was confused about what had happened, like my mind just went totally blank. I'm not surprised, my head jerked back and slammed against the hard plastic seat. It probably rattled my brain loose. >.<

I was so mad and in so much pain that I turned around and said, "Stupid fucking little kid". And yes, I said "fucking" in front of a child and I hope she heard me because the little bitch hit me a second time after we parked. I glared daggers at her and made sure she heard all my insults. I've been riding those karts for a very long time now and they aren't difficult to work. They even labeled the brake for you and tell you not to bump other karts at the start (in addition to the sign that warns against the same thing). And just in case you are stupid and cannot read, they tell you where the brake and gas are over the loudspeaker.

In short, there are plenty of reminders and warnings in place.

I'd guess that she was about 11 or so. I rode those karts at her age and didn't find it that difficult. Then again, I sometimes wonder if kids these days are dumber and/or lazier. When I was that age, I wasn't overweight and my attention span was generally longer than that of a fruit fly's… Hitting a brake didn't pose that much of a problem but maybe she couldn't get her pudgy feet to move that far.

She hit me so hard that there is a huge knot on the back of my head. By the time I walked off the ride and over to my Mom, it had already formed and begun to burn. I had to take a break because my head was hurting so freaking bad.

I don't really like kids to begin with…the dense, obnoxious ones really get on my nerves… I know it may have seemed like "just an accident" and like I was overreacting but when there are signs everywhere telling you what to do and what not to do, there isn't much call for not listening. A kid her age has to go to school, read, write, do math, etc.. Following simple directions shouldn't be that hard and only becomes more and more important as time goes by, especially with something like that. God forbid the little brat go for her permit years from now and nearly kill someone not paying attention. -,-

Anyways, what else…oh yeah, no food. No good food anyways. The park we went to isn't my favorite, I prefer the other amusement park nearby. They only have like 3 stands that I am aware of and they all sell basically the same thing. And oh, even worse – the truck carrying their food and such hadn't arrived. They had no condiments in the entire park. No salt, no pepper, no ketchup, no mustard, no relish, no onions, nothing. Their french fries were greasy, due to the fact that they apparently hadn't changed the grease, and their hot dog burners were broken so it took 10 or 15 minutes to make one hot dog. It took even longer to make my Mom and brother's cheeseburgers.

This amusement park also sports the world's oldest [insert attraction]. If I say what it is, that sort of gives away where I am so… >.>

Anyways, for years and years and years, the ride was closed. I always asked about it because it was so very odd and interesting. Apparently, my Mom rode it when she was a kid and then at some point, they shut it down.

Then, some years ago, they opened it back up and I rode it over and over again, it was unique and fun.

After that, I think they shut it down again. It's open now – and they are charging $2.50 to ride it! $2.50 times 5 people = way too much for one ride, are these people nuts?!?! Almost no one was riding it and that serves the park right. How dare they keep it closed for decades, open it up for a few weeks, then try to turn an insane profit on something like that, especially during a time when people are losing work? I'd say I only saw that thing run 3 times the entire time we were there which is a shame. If it's money they want, too bad. If it's money they need, raise the price of admission a little instead of trying to sucker punch the older riders who want to experience something old and yet new.

Another problem I have with this park is all the empty lots. They take rides out and then they leave the lot open for years. I used to ride something called the Mad Mouse and then they removed it several years ago. The spot where it sat is empty to this day. All that is there now is wood and whatever they're using to build whatever it is they're building somewhere in the park but there certainly isn't anything going up there anytime soon.

They also took out a ride called The Monster that I loved. Now all that sits there is a Smoothie stand and a lot that is 3/4 of the way empty. They're also apparently building another ride for the kids but it looks so old and dusty that I thought they were taking it down, not putting it up. -,-

Oh well, the next time we go to a park, we get to go to the one I like. 😀


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