what gives us the right to take place in earth? we have destroyed it more than we have helped. i have big evilness inside me that i dont hate.

i guess being isolated even though you have familie around you but you never talk to them about yourself, might let this now. human kind never meant to be alone, its everyones right to love but love is just a chemical reaction to find mate so you procreate. animal instinct that we carry out, and people make more meaning out of it. becs people need more meaning in life. right or wrong, justice and injustice, good and evil. that is people community, that is what people invented to live "the right way"

we are so many people in this world, i always have a darkness in me where i think of blood. people bullying, being greedy, egotistical, manipulative barstards. i cant see nothing else when i go out, being racist against each other when we are the same species. i want to put some fear out sometimes, watch their eyes empty out when they leave this world. doing this world a favor. the highest deathtoll in one time in Greenland is 10 deaths, and it was an accident in a block that had gas explosion. i want to put fear on thoose people who comes around in the city and acting that they control this city, pushing anyone who walk pass, who think nothing can hurt them. and many more people.

i have made a friend, darkness and i smile and laugh inside thinking how they will know fear again a massacre of people not with guns but with knives and axes blood running through my body not my blood, i laugh as they put me down and kill me, i am smiling. darkness is my new friend.

i dont fear my evilness, maybe as in trying to balance the population and order in nature. these thoughts have been in me for quite a while now, loneliness and meanings have taking the best of me.

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  1. onelyric 6 years ago

    Wish I could say something to change your view of the world and that darkness that plagues you.

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