So things have been going okay. I can’t complain too much. I told my therapist last Thursday that I didn’t want to continue my sessions. I was still talking to my therapist in Tucson and was having phone sessions. It wasn’t working for me. Not to mention I just wanted a break. But apparently that isn’t what I’m supposed to be doing. I don’t know all I do know is that for the last few times I’d felt like crap and didn’t wanna talk about things right now. I don’t know why that’s so hard to understand. So I called on Thursday and told her straight up…then she wanted to talk about a bunch of stuff. Things I have no control over right now. And all it does is overwhelm me and make me not want to talk more. So I started off apperhenisve about stopping sessions to being angry and I ended up ending my last session early because I didn’t want to talk about anything. Considering the whole time I was on the phone she kept bringing it up and I kept saying I didn’t wanna get into it. I just felt mad that she wouldn’t listen to what I wanted.

I have supposed to have gotten 2 dogs now to foster and each has fallen through for various reasons. So I’m still dogless. Hopefully soon someone will come up that fits our home. Until then I’m enjoying the quiet that I do get from just Hannah and Dutch.

Work pretty much blows. I’m not happy. But I’ve decided to work here until after march. So I can go to Vegas in December and Costa Rica in March without any issues. Plus I want to pick up some experience doing payroll and some things like that so that I can have that on me resume. We’ll see.

My mom got in a car accident last week. L I couldn’t even go see her or anything and it makes me kinda feel the effects of living far away. She was okay, other then whiplash and having to take some time off work to heal up. Just is weird living far away I can’t go see her on a whim or I if something comes up like this.

Anyways, nothing else is really going on…

Hope everyone has a good Wednesday.




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