Had a bad dream last night, but first. my boyfriend told me to tell him about the dream and after the first 2 sentences he fell back asleep. he also doesn't get why I go on here. Last time I was on here he said "Why don't you just make your own website? Then you can get props for free." I told him that I'm not on here for props, I on here so that I have people who I can talk to who listen and actually give feed back, and because if someone is having a problem I like to listen to their problems and help if I can because it help me forget about my own, and sometimes I find the answers to my own problems. But anyways, back to the dream.

It started out that I was in a suburban house, one of those cookie cutter homes, where the three house next to it look exactly the same. And the guy who had raped me was outside stalking me. He had a gun and whenever someone would go outside or try to come inside he'd shoot them. So the cops came. He was on the roof by the time the cops came and started shooting at them. He finally found a way inside the house and took me to a low security prison. He told me that since I was a girl they'd treat me like a princess. Then he got 2 syrnges from a guy in there. One was filled with meth, the other was filled with cocaine. He injected himself with a bit of the cocaine and then tried to inject me with it. I broke the needles on both the syrnges and started fighting him off.

He ended up injecting the cocaine in me and I was crying and screaming. Then he told me to go drive. So we were in a minivan and I was driving. He kept sticking the broken meth needle into my arm (like the doctors do) and then taking it out and I kept telling him to stop. Finally he put it in and injected the whole thing. I just remember not even knowing how fast I was going in the car and almost crashing. Then he kept putting in the broken needle and pulling out my blood and then drinking it. Finally it all ended when the government came and took some people away because they were aliens and said that they'd cover up the gunshots with fireworks saying that it was US History day.

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  1. snowdreamer 11 years ago

    That was such a horrible nightmare!!!  I'm so sorry you had that and have to deal with it and pooey on your boyfriend for not listening….

    I agree with you about coming in here I like to listen and my problems might come up in conversation so I get feed back that way without taking everyone's time with mine.  It helps me forget mine if just for a while.  I love it here and need it thank God for the wonderful people in here.

    Stay strong darlin and if you can in your dreams you can try to change them and have them go the way you want.  My therapist told me that.  I haven't been able to do it yet but I'm hoping with practice I can beat these nightmares of my own.

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