TW: age regression, drinking, paralyzed, car accidents, hospitals

Hi there. So I age regress. I’m a 20 year old woman, but my little age places at about 2-3. I do have a daddy, and my daddy loves me. I’m not gonna let this place consume me, this is just for my blogs because I don’t feel like buying a whole website. So, in case you don’t know, age regression is a coping mechanism for trauma, anxiety, depression, stress, and other things. It is NOT an aesthetic, a kink or something you do for fun. Now I’ve only been on here one day, and daddy + mommy had to come in and yell because I was triggered. Now, if you don’t wanna trigger me, refrain from using cuss words, talking about aclcohol, fighting and don’t talk about accidents (like car crashes and stuff). My regression really was “born” from my dad. When I was little, he would drink til he dropped. He would abuse my siblings and I as well. One day when I was about four, my mom walked in and told me my dad had been in a fatal car crash. I really didn’t know what she meant, but I remember that hospital visit like it was yesterday. I’m not going to get into details but I became a depressed kid after. I’m not saying that only I mattered and I’m the only kid with bad depression and stuff, but a by the way. And, my dad was a fighter, he survived. He is severely paralyzed though. Some times daddy takes me to see him at my mom’s house. I talk to him sometimes. I like to talk to my dad, he blinks at me to let me know that he’s listening. Yes in 2 blinks, no is 3 and I just come out with other ones as I talk. Whatever my dad did to me when I was young doesn’t matter to me anymore, because he is my dad and I love him. Anyways, I’m getting off track. Just so you know, a typical agere day for me is waking up to a warm bottle daddy or mommy made for me, walking upstairs (I sleep in the basement) and eating whatever we have as my first snack (I’m fasting right now so 2 snacks and one meal a day), playing or coloring for a little while and then getting dressed. Sometimes if I’m really far into little space, I put on a diaper, but I usually don’t. Filling my sippy cup with whatever I want, filling my snack container with my second snack, and daddy and mommy take me ou somewhere for a few hours. When we get home, mommy makes me my meal, I usually like Mac n cheese with veggies or tomato soup with grilled cheese. Then I watch some tv while I eat. After I eat, I take a nap with daddy while mommy cleans or watches something. After daddy and I wake up, mommy helps me do makeup if I want to, and then we go out grocery shopping. After groceries, it’s most likely 4 so we go down to the beach for a walk. After our walk (usually about an hour) we all go back home (we all live together) and mommy helps me shower. Then mommy and daddy eat dinner while I eat my second snack (even if I pack it, I don’t usually eat it until dinner). After dinner daddy takes a shower and we all watch a movie. After a movie, mommy makes me a bottle, and we all go to sleep. I really don’t know what the point of this blog is. I guess to just let out my feelings. So yeah, this is me. I should be going now. Hugs and kisses to all! Comment if you’d like.




– XOXO, Hannah.


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