Well, I haven't been on much these past few months. I've been doing some traveling. As many of you know I have been thinking about moving to Florida. I went to Miami about a month ago to see if I wanted to move there. I had a good time but decided that it wasn't the place for me. The city is a very busy place and as I have discovered, I am a country boy at heart. I like the wide open spaces and the peaceful nights. I will say that South Beach was a blast. The clubs there are lots of fun. I didn't get much rest but sure had a good time. I even met a celebrity from Panama and we ended up spending our time together for my entire trip.

I went to Chicago last week and got home yesterday. I love that city and it is even better when you are there with great friends. I met up with Midwestboi and his boy friend while I was there. Man did we ever have fun. I don’t think I have ever laughed as much as I did during our trip. Getting around Chicago is a trip in itself. If you have never experienced a cab ride in Chicago, do it some time. We rode the trains, took taxis and walked and walked and walked. Went to Navy Pier and rode the Ferris wheel. That was the largest one I have ever been on. The view from the top is great. Chicago has some great restaurants too. I got to see a performance of Wicked. The performance was awesome. I will never look at the Wizard of Oz the same again. I finally got to go to Wriggly Field to watch a Cubs game. Best part was that they won. I was introduced to Boy’s Town. Did some shopping and then went back at night to sample the night life. I’ve been to Chicago but I have never enjoyed myself so much. I know I will be going back. There is still so much to see and experience. I plan to do more traveling and if all goes well I will be at BHIVE this October. So, I’m back for now and hope to connect with my friends from the Tribe and make new ones. Love to all of you Cool


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